Friday, June 29, 2007

Queue and A

It started like this...

Queue and A
And if finished up like this...

And now Q+A is gone for good.

It was fun while it lasted. Actually, it was more than fun. To say the place has been important is a bit of an understatement. I think probably 80% of the people I know in Melbourne I met there or through people I met there. I could blather on but I won't because I am hung over.

Thanks Richard, Pete and Helen. Words cunt express... The 400 strong queue at the door before opening can though.

Oh, and if anyone finds my phone (and isn't it a coincidence that I lost it on the same day that the iPhone is released.)

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At 8:58 am, Anonymous Steff said...

Mickey! So it is true, Q & A is gone. First Spanish Club, now this. What is going on in Melbourne while I am temporarily away? Didn't I tell you to take care of it?! We will have to find new places to cause trouble then. Missing you and the city where it all began ;).

Much love,


At 9:03 am, Anonymous steff said...

By the way, I know other people who thought they lost their phone at Q & A. Check upstairs in the pockets of the armchair or ask Neale to help you finding it ;). Otherwise I need your new number.


At 5:53 pm, Blogger R*Y A N said...

great night, wasn't it?

or don't you remember???

cos i'm a little hazy, too... ;)


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