Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Know No Cure (for The Program)

STAGE :: Know No Cure

By Michael Scott
VIC | 25.06.2007

On a nondescript operating table in some nondescript O.R., in some nondescript location, Cyber lies, ready to receive a nondescript operation. The procedure that follows sends him on a whacked-out, tripped up journey into an unravelling subconscious so fraught with nonsensical happenings that even a cursory attempt at explanation would appear futile.

Read the full play-whipping at The Program

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At 5:40 am, Anonymous Chris said...

Adam's a bit upset with you! (Well, us then.) See Spark Online... you style-obsessed monster you!

At 9:07 am, Blogger Mike Scott said...

I�m sure he�ll manage.

At 12:03 pm, Anonymous belial said...

Whether he manages or not I have little sympathy.

Putting aside for one moment that in Adam's response to a certain other review he talks about himself in the third person... an irritating habit (save in jest), Adam's complaints miss the point.

To object to comments on his work that focus on style over substance ignores the fact that his text was so turgid that its meaning was, for the most part, lost amongst its esoteric verbiage.

His style prevented any real engagement by the viewer in the substance of his work.


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