Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Feature: Troy Innocent :: Field Of Play (for The Program)

Troy Innocent :: Field Of Play
By Michael Scott
VIC | 12.06.2007

Walking towards Digital Harbour in Melbourne’s Docklands is something of a journey into a barren wilderness. Yes, it is a weekday night but, even so, except for the few lone businessmen trekking towards their high-rise apartments, the buffeting winds seem to have blown everyone else away.

Tucked away down an alley, the bold green, blue and orange icons glowing from Troy Innocent’s latest urban art installation, Field of Play were commissioned to draw people into the growing technology precinct. The lights are bright, but the work’s attraction goes far beyond the reach of the cryptic symbols, seemingly stamped into the pavement by some ancient extraterrestrial lifeform, because Field of Play’s boundaries extend onto the Internet and into your mobile phone.

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