Monday, June 18, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen (or, The Best Laid Plans...)

Okay, so the first one was a lot of fun. Glitzy and fluffy.

The second one was a moderate amount of fun. Less glitzy, more fluffy.

The third one is a good deal of fun. It pulls back in the glitz and doesn't pad it with too much more fluff.

Let's face it. It is fun watching big, big stars in popcorners. Especially when they look as lusciously 70s as Soderberg's.

I can hardly remember the second film, but I remember enjoying it. That is pretty typical of these films though. Tomorrow, I'll forget I've seen this one.

This outing has no Roberts and no Zeta-Jones. What it does have is Barkin-galore, which is a perfect antidote. She brings some real class, and a few laughs, to the proceedings. So much so that at the end of the film, you'll be wondering where she has been these past few years.

The rest of the cast potter along as usual. They seem to be having fun and that has always been my biggest attraction to this franchise (I'll call it a franchise, but I don't see them making Ocean's lunchboxes for the kiddies).

Plot-wise, don't bother. I found myself sitting back saying to myself, "You don't know what is going on but it'll all come together in the end." And it did. Still, it wasn't as tightly composed as the first film.

Go, have fun, laugh and look at the pretty lights.

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